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Jewellery designer & tutor

Jewellery designer & tutorJewellery designer & tutor


 1)To make an inquiry or place an order please send an email to:    mail@hayleykruger.com

2)Payments & deposits:
    -All bespoke orders and private commissions require a 50% deposit before the 

     making can proceed.
    -Payments can be made by debut or credit card, bank transfer or Pay-pal.
    -Orders and shipments will commence once payments have been received and
      Hayley will be in touch at various production points to reassure you that your 

      order is being processed, and when the finished products have been sent.

 3)Additional costs:
    -VAT is considered to be included in the price.
    -The relevant postage will also be added to your total, in accordance with the
      Royal Mail registered prices.
    -Should you live outside of the UK or if you would prefer express delivery or a 
     courier service this can be done using either Parcel Force or DPD.

4) Processing time:
    -The processing of customer orders can vary due to the complexity of the
    pieces as bespoke orders take time to plan, design, source material and construct.
    An average time of 8-10 weeks is most likely,  however a time line will be discussed

    during the 

    consultation and orders will be processed  as quickly as possible.  Please also allow   

    extra time for postage and delivery. 
    -Should you require an order or piece urgently, please let Hayley know so that 
     special arrangements can be made to full fill such a request if possible.

    -All pieces are presented in a Hayley Kruger gift box, 
     and it is advised that items are stored in this manner or by hanging to                 
     prolong the life of the piece.      

    -Parcels are posted or sent in protective cardboard boxes and bubble wrap. 
     However, should you find that your items are damaged on receipt, you are  
     required to notify us within 48 hours of receipt so that we can rectify the problem      
     efficiently.  Notification after this period and the damage will be considered as 

     wear and tear.

6)General wear and tear:

Although all pieces are made to high standards and with durability in mind, the wearer is responsible for treating all jewellery, including precious gem stones, metals such as platinum, silver and gold and finished pieces with consideration and respect.

Metal can wear down over time.  Stones can become loose from excessive wear or from being worn during activities such as sport, hands on and practical work, DIY, etc.

Stones that are dislodged in such way cannot be replaced without sourcing and the customer paying for new stones.

Please only put on jewellery after applying any perfumes and cosmetics, as many softer stones such as pearls, opals and turquoise are sensitive to the acids and chemicals in these products and can become permanently damaged.  These cannot be replaced without sourcing and the customer paying for new stones.

 7)Returns policy:
     -Customised pieces can only be refunded if they are faulty and no refund or
     exchange can be granted after 30 days from date of purchase.
    -Every effort will be made to rectify, replace or exchange unsatisfactory items.
    -A 14 day exchange period is only valid on unwanted items that are not made                                       

     bespoke or to commission, and a wear 
     and tear assessment will be done on the receipt of the returned goods.
    -Collection items have a 28 day return policy if bought on line and a 14 day return    

      policy if purchased in person.
    -This does not affect your statutory rights.

8)Copy Rights:
    -Hayley Kruger owns or has permission for the rights to all the designs, 
     images and literature on this website, and they are protected by copyright,
     trademarks and other intellectual property rights.
    -Images are solely for the use of Hayley Kruger and customers with intent to 
     purchase items and commissions from this company, there fore; movements
     on this website are monitored on a regular basis in accordance with Data 
     Protection and Privacy laws in the UK.

9) Privacy policy:
  -All names, contact details and payment information is solely for the use of
   Hayley Kruger Jewellery to aid in processing customer orders and
   improving customer service.  This information is NOT shared with any third party
   or company outside of this business.